pharma licensing

Inlicensing is a partnership that develops between two companies that have shared intentions, goals or fields of interest. These goals can be the research and development of a product, or perhaps its distribution. Inlicensing is so popular because it allows the expertise of each company to be used in a way that is very beneficial. 


"Compound interest is the most powerful force in the galaxy"

Albert Einstein

portfolio development 

Portfolio development is a great time consuming task inside a company. As an external support, Easy Global is able to complete delimited loads of work, making analysis of new markets potential and carrying out the daily contacts with potential partners to build a portfolio according to the goals stablished by each client.


"I do what you can not, and you do what I can not. Together we can do great things"

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

market access

EG PHARMA team is expert in designing and executing a landing strategy for the markets where we have previous expertise and contacts. Based on a preliminar analysis of opportunities we propose a strategy and an execution plan. If approved, we build the relevant agenda of local contacts to reach the key counterparts. 

""Is there anyone so wise as to learn by the experience of others?"